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Late Summer Drive - Late Summer Drive

Rec / Mix / Producer / Bass / Vox / Drum Programming

Suburban Rituals - Suburban Rituals EP

Rec / Mix / Producer / Bass / Vox / Drum Programming

Goblin Butler - Goblin Death Squad

Live Rec / Mix / Master

Smokin' Roaches - The Infestation

Rec / Mix / Producer / Bass / Vox / Drum Programming

Caraway - Caraway EP

Rec / Mix / Master

Goblin Butler - Goblin Butler

Rec / Mix / Master

Late Summer Drive - LUCID (ft. Frantik)

Video Editing

Suburban Rituals - The Machine

Video Editing

Suburban Rituals - Nosebleed

Director / Video Editing

Suburban Rituals - Xenozealot

Video Editing

Dans le laboratoire de
Nathalie Grandvaux (2021)

Sound Recording & Mixing / Video Editing

Dans le laboratoire
d’Yves Mugabo (2021)

Sound Recording & Mixing / Video Editing

A Glimpse Into
Gareth Lim’s Laboratory (2021)

Sound Recording & Mixing / Video Editing

Memoirs of a Slasher (2017)
Password: Memoirs2017

Post Sound Editing & Mixing

About Me

Hi! My name is Vito and I'm a sound technician from Montreal, QC, Canada.

I studied Audio Recording Technology at Vanier College in 2014 and have been working doing sound ever since. I specialize in studio recording and live sound, but really enjoy working on films and doing post-production. I have a mobile recording set-up and I'm currently in the process of building a recording studio in Pincourt, QC.

In 2020, I started a record label, Counter-Pop Records as a means of releasing my own bands' music and giving a platform for lesser known artists who may not have the experience in promotion and marketing.

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Since 2014, I have done live sound for over 1,000 live shows and have worked with some fantastic acts such as Jerry Mercer, Michel Pagliaro, Offenbach, Paul DesLauries, Nannette Workman, The Blushing Brides, Jim Zeller, and Steve Rowe, among countless others.

I also have lots of corporate AV experience having worked large-scale conferences for major companies.

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With over a decade of experience recording and mixing music, I am available to record, mix, and master your project.

I am currently in the process of building a recording studio to accommodate a anything from voice-over work to a full band. The studio will also have the ability to live stream performances.

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I have been fortunate enough to work on the sets of a few short films, documentaries, and did lots of on location recording while I worked at the CHUM for a year in 2020-21.

While most of my expertise is in music, I have a passion for film and post-production. Creating an aural environment to bring a film's visuals to life is incredibly rewarding.

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